Carrier transport services through time

History lorries dates back to the times of our grandparents. Should we be satisfied with what we have or ...

Back to roaring twenties

Twenty of the last century, for trucks and trucking mean period of rapid progress. At the beginning of the 20-day flight trucks were often equipped with chain drive and solid wheels. When then in 1928 with a conveyor belt prikotalil first Volvo truck, called "Series 1", the note of the Swedish truck drive through the cardan shafts, tires and a fully enclosed driver's cab.

Truck Series but has not been a very powerful, because it was equipped with a modest four-cylinder gasoline engine that is able to develop only 28 km, and its own payload was limited to 1,500 kg (half the total weight of the vehicle). Nevertheless, the basic structure of this early time the truck has a very sophisticated, so has often been used to carry loads that exceed up to twice the maximum authorized mass.





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