Our Preferences

FAMILY WORTH our company is not only the organization of business activities, but the amount of values that come out of our organized family. Our transport is the amount of different activities which are based on real values. Trustworthiness, confidence, cooperation, adaptability and respect are basic values of our activity.

SAFETY OF THE TRANSPORTATION WITH OUR OWN VEHICLES the transportation of all your goods is done with our own vehicles which are regularly revised and insured which guarantee the prime security to your load.

THE GPS CONTROL all our vehicles are equippeed with the GPS control system. That allows you to control our vehicle at any moment so you can see its exact location and also how many time it needs to reach the destination.

EURO 5 ENGINE we are using the environmental friendly technologies. Euro 5 engine is better because of his 80% less of the omision than Euro 4 engine.

FLEXIBLE PRICES we are trying to fit the requests and the needs of our clients according to convenient prices.


  • STOREHOUSE our storehouse is located in Poljubinj 89 F, 5220 Tolmin where it is possible to store and to burden the goods.
  • TRANSPORT when you order the transport, we take care of everything
  • OPENNESS FOR NEW IDEAS our organization is flexible and always open to the newness and changes of the market. Distribution and representation are, beside the service of transportation, the next phase of our growth. In any case, we are open to your new ideas.



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